What is the GNCRA?

The National Federation of Autism Resource Centres (GNCRA) is the national lead agency of the Autism Resource Centre network. Its mission is to equip, organise and harmonise the quality of services provided by the Autism Resource Centre network.

It was created in 2017 as per Action 21 of the National Autism Plan. It supports the mobilisation of resource centres as well as their development by building on the momentum and approach created within the framework of the National Association of Autism Resource Centres (ANCRA), which it replaces.

GNCRA missions

  • Bringing together Autism Resource Centres (CRAs) within a national network with a view to developing, promoting and harmonising their action whilst still factoring in regional specificities.
  • Setting up and running joint actions that may benefit all CRAs as well as actions entrusted to them collectively notably, by public authorities or as part of national procurement contracts.
  • Being the voice of CRAs when liaising with public authorities and national agencies.
  • Facilitating and promoting feedback and practice sharing between CRAs in order to harmonise responses across the country (joint training courses, CRA coordinating days, sector-specific or thematic workshops, document sharing, etc.)
  • Managing services dedicated to CRAs to support their action and development in every region and to run joint national operations that they initiate, including studies and research projects, training courses, information (quality department, national websites and databases, symposia, scientific information days, etc.)
  • Providing advice and technical expertise to government services, in coordination with CRAs, (cooperating with the DGS [Directorate-General for Health], DGOS [Directorate-General for Care Provision], DGCS [Directorate-General for Social Cohesion], CNSA [National Solidarity Fund for Autism], developing tools together, internal and external assessments, national awareness days co-organised by MDPH [Local community centres for the disabled] and CRAs, sitting on committees and co-steering of national programmes, etc.)
  • Bidding for public procurement contracts or calls for tenders in the sectors within the scope of CRA missions as defined in regulations and Autism Plans (studies and research projects, training courses for professionals and family caregivers, information for families, professionals, general public, etc.)
In a nutshell
  • Disseminating and developing knowledge, stimulating research
  • Improving quality control for services provided by CRAs
  • Promoting training for all stakeholders
  • Participating in national initiatives, being the voice of CRAs in the dialogue with public authorities and national agencies
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